Yo! Podcast - Published 10 Mar 2020

Yo friends, I was a bit torn where to put this audio recording of my recent Indie Hackers talk but all roads naturally lead here. If you’re not interested in my story leading to the Yo! Podcast then I’ll catch you in the next episode with Derek Sivers. For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy a very casual chat sharing my first romances with computers, multiple failing side projects, monetizing One Page Love, shaving my eyebrow, the greatest month of my life designing the Yo! show for YouTube and I end the Podcast with a track from a band I used to play – hope you enjoy the talk:)

Conversation Topics:

  • 01:59 My first romance with computers
  • 02:40 Dabbling in Yahoo Geocities
  • 04:10 First freelance website job for ZAR500 (USD31)
  • 05:02 My first product: Case Converter
  • 05:56 Convincing clients they only need a One Page website
  • 07:07 Takeaway: Keep asking yourself: How can you provide more value to your resource?
  • 08:23 First One Page Love monetization with Google Adsense
  • 09:10 Discovering people wanted templates on One Page Love
  • 09:23 Monetization: ThemeForest
  • 10:04 Monetization: Squarespace
  • 10:40 Losing a big income stream overnight
  • 12:12 Pushing harding toward raising income to quit freelance
  • 13:32 Takeaway: Being passionate about your subject is vital to push through dips
  • 14:47 Takeaway: Aim for being consistent (which is easier when passionate)
  • 15:55 Takeaway: Identify value created when saving people time (for me it’s creating value through curation)
  • 17:29 Q1: Would you sell One Page Love?
  • 18:48 Q2: What is your craziest side-project story?
  • 20:47 Q3: Is the Yo! Podcast a passion project or used to drive traffic to your projects?
  • 25:35 Q4: How do you deal with Imposter Syndrome?
  • 27:46 Q5: How do you get real feedback on what you are building and that first traction?
  • 29:23 Q6: Are One Page websites bad for SEO?
  • 31:43 Q7: How does one get going with Affiliate Income?
  • 33:15 Outro track


No transcription for this intermission episode.