Yo! Podcast - Published 8 Nov 2023

Traf (@traf) is a Canadian designer and digital craftsman, with an impressive portfolio of online creations. His journey skyrocketed in 2020 when his minimal iOS12 icon pack became a viral hit. He amassed a staggering six-figure sum in just six days, and has since raked in upwards of $400,000. Now paved with runway, Traf further leaned into his passions, collaborating on NFTs, forging innovative digital products and more recently launched a course on how he builds with Framer. We rap about the tech stack behind his online course, working solo and staying lean, his dedication to minimalism, creator mental health and why he’s so bullish on the potential of Framer.

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Conversation Topics:

  • 01:34Montreal and William Shatner
  • 02:00Intermission: No Context
  • 02:50Framer vs Webflow
  • 03:44Cameo: Jorn from Framer
  • 03:55Traf’s Framer Course (approach + tech stack)
  • 17:32Sponsor: Lemon Squeezy
  • 08:34Online Course Email Marketing
  • 09:45Saying no more to allow more opportunity
  • 10:14Traf’s portfolio of digital products
  • 11:24Should we build more things or double-down on less?
  • 12:17Working solo and staying lean
  • 13:38Listener question: how do you know which projects to work on next?
  • 14:38Rob shares the story of pivoting from an online course to an Ebook
  • 17:32Do designers have an edge over developers for product launches
  • 19:00Super, Notion, solving your own problems while validating ideas
  • 21:44Intermission: Overrated, Underrated
  • 22:43NFTs and the current state of Crypto
  • 23:36Should product builders ship at least one NFT
  • 24:41Are we currently in a dip?
  • 25:50When will mainstream brands adopt crypto payments?
  • 26:46Listener question: what habits/philosophies do you have around providing value and building products?
  • 28:05Cameo: Oli
  • 28:27Minimalism, Decluttering
  • 29:52Advice for creators feeling overwhelmed or burnt out
  • 31:52The minimal @traf branding
  • 33:09Advice for builders scared of AI taking over
  • 34:57Traf’s history with One Page Love

Bonus Episode Content:

Best books to prevent burnout?

I’m using Adobe Enhance for pretty much everything I do audio-related. Here is a before-after applied to the one listener podcast question. sent via Twitter DM voice note:


Traf recorded his video using an iPhone for the camera.

I recorded this interview during a power outage, so was running off a battery. Also it was my little boy Oli’s bath time in the room next door, but lucky my soundproofing did it’s job!


Check back soon.