Matthew Smith

Yo! Podcast - Published 30 Jun 2023

Matthew Smith (@whale) is a successful entrepreneur and product designer. He has worked with figures and organizations like Seth Godin, the Gates Foundation, and the US Postal Service. In 2014, he co-created Really Good Emails, which quickly became the world’s premier source for email design inspiration. In 2021, driven by his pursuit of meaningful work, Smith co-founded Bunsen, a niche creative studio aiding science-oriented companies with strategy, branding, and messaging. We rap about our inherent desire to curate online inspiration, strategies for effective sales pitches to clients, and just how to find an industry you’ll love working in.

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Conversation Topics:

  • 01:57Intermission: No Context
  • 03:52Our inherent desire to curate online inspiration
  • 12:35Sponsor: Lemon Squeezy
  • 15:56The meaningful work done with Bunsen
  • 22:27Getting out a rut and finding a niche you would love working in
  • 25:28How to construct an effective sales pitch
  • 29:00Promo: Yo! on YouTubeYo! Newsletter
  • 29:15Motivation, monetisation and staying lean on side-projects
  • 38:16Intermission: Overrated, Underrated
  • 42:07Top 3 productivity tools
  • 43:38Advice for anyone struggling with alcohol abuse

Bonus Episode Content:

Clip: Are Design Systems overrated?